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The butterfly symbolizes the three stages of life: birth, death and resurrection, and the creation with it as the element means transformation and rebirth, which is explained from the religious teaching as a reincarnation, meaning the continuous life.

Butterfly Studio is mainly based on butterflies, designing different shapes of brooches, rings ,earrings and other products, and we also design other elements of jewelry. We are good at using colorful colors to design amazing products.

Each of our products is the pursuit of meticulous, perfect, accurate, unique. Our design can meet the needs of customers in different occasions. Partying, meetings, dating,etc.

All of our products are hand-built, each product requires twelve steps, 3D drawing, wax injection, wax mounting, grinding, polishing,etc.Each product takes between three and five days to complete.Every commodity we produce has a life, a soul.

The materials we use are the best in the same class, each product will be color preservation treatment, not easy to fade, each zircon is hand-set, not easy to drop.

Every product will be carefully checked before delivery, to ensure that every customer can receive the best products, I hope you can find the products you like in Butterfly Studio.

I will always bring you the story of the vitality of the jewelry, loyal to their own heart